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"Smiling from head to toe
that’s how love tickling you."

a ten word story

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It doesn’t matter to me how many years it takes to feel loved again by a person who can look me and love me beyond all these flaws. It doesn’t matter how long it may takes to have someone to give me sweet kisses every day and night before he lets me go home. It doesn’t matter if it will take years for me to have someone who would go with me in different places and stay beside me 24/7. It doesn’t matter to me if absence of the butterflies in my stomach will take years, as long as I know God has prepared a right person for me, and five or eight years from now, I’ll meet him somewhere in the city, or maybe in the coffee shop or in the bookstore, or anywhere.

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I’ve always been saying this to you, I never stop recognizing you as my savior that continuously working in every second of my life. Every single thing that is going on with me, I know you were in control, and again thank you. Every second I spend praising and worshiping you is the best and the greatest seconds of my life that I will be always thankful, the feeling, the emotion that fills my soul is incomparable. Indeed, the greatest feeling that will never ever be replaced by anyone. I feel so grateful to be one of the people who knew who really are you, to be one of the people, who have experienced your love and truthfulness of your words and promises.

You gave light to the darkness where I’m stuck. You used this darkness for me to see what the true light is. For all I’ve been through, you never let go of my hand, even if I’d drifted away and get lost. You’re still calling me and saving me from losing. Those nights I’m breaking down, calling your name never fail me, to feel your love and comfort around me. Your presence is always present to take away the loneliness that wrapped my being. It is indeed true that you died once for my sins, but never will again, because you are alive, you are God, not made of wood and stone but the able God.

I love you, not because I grew up with a family who serves you. I love you, not because I believe in the bible. I love you, not because this how I used to. I love you, not because this how I grew up and this is how I live in. I love you, not because you were my belief. I believe in you, not because I’ve read your words and watched your story. But I love you, because you’re in my heart. I love you, because you love me. I love you, because you give salvation to me. I love you, because you are my light. I love you, because I feel you in my life. I love you, because you forgive me. I love you, because you are true to all of your promises. I love you, because you are my peace. I love you, because I’ve experienced and still, the true happiness in you. I love you, because you are my God.

That when the moment came everyone turned their back on me, you made a way to make my heart run to you and seek the love I had longed for. I love you, because in you, I felt what true love really means. I know one day, you will use my story to touch other peoples’ lives and testify how great God you are. Thank you, for every breath I take, you make it worthwhile. Thank you, for the eternal life.

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When my heart holds the pen,
this automatically writes you.

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Anonymous asked: idk if its an awkward question but i just wanna know, what if a bisexual girl likes you, and started showing affection to you. is it okay? or you'll start being cold to her?

but im naturally cold to anyone lol, but yes, its okay with me.

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Anonymous asked: you are so lovely. I want to be friends with you

why not :)

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When you see sad eyes

let them cry. don’t ask anything,
let her mouth do the speaking.
let the pain drip out,

let the sorrow roll down her cheeks,

let the regrets fall down
to the ground.
until she let all of this go.

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i miss when we were like this

i miss when we were like this

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If ever I know how to teleport, I will not go to travel back in time to change the things I’ve done or to see the past I had once with the person I loved, and bring back all of the things we had. But I’d rather have a pretty pair of wings and fly over the rainbow, or go to another galaxy and travel between the stars. I’ll go fly on an adventure and visit places I’ve still never been. Watch people and the world while I was from far away. And every night I’d rather go sit on a crescent moon and read under its light. If ever I know how to teleport, I will be far away from the thoughts of you, and from the memories I had with you.

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im sick of old same stories.

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"You cannot construe my silence as agreement. My silence doesn’t always mean things are fine with me. Sometimes you have to go beyond what only your eyes could see, what only your ears could hear and what only your senses could feel, because I can hide a million emotions through silence"

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I discovered too late that I easily surrendered the life God has given me to the person who’s incapable of taking care and loving the parts of me that were not beautiful, like a precious and priceless diamond. That moment, I knew no one was really capable of giving the highest unconditional love people could imagine. No one could offer the love that only God could.

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Anonymous asked: if I'll meet you in person, I'll give you flowers because i love you.

aww, thank you but isn’t that a horrible metaphor for love? something that dies?

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