When she’s the kind of girl who
always cries herself to sleep.
If she’s the girl who never stop
pointing all of her imperfections —
the blemished, pale and covered
in scar skin. On the nights, she
wishes to disappear. If words of
loneliness rest against her lips.
Six out of seven nights a week,
twenty out of twenty four hours a day
you must say nothing. You must simply
wrap her in your arms, hold her hands,
kiss her forehead and pale cheeks
wait for her to slumber in the warmth
of your embrace and in the sound
of your heart. Read her poetry with
your splendid voice. The kind that
uses flowery words. Compare her to a
diamond and how a worthy girl she is.
Make her feel the most special girl.
Love her, love her skin and the way it feels
against your own, soft and warm, and
how you wished to be touched by it
every day of your life. Love her like
how fishes can’t live without water.
Like how birds love to fly up high.
Love her, like all her flaws don’t exist.
Love her like she’s the most
beautiful girl in this world.
- Love her when she can’t | Nine (via theroomofsecrethoughts)
You should go and leave,
when his words started
to leave you wounds
instead of butterflies.
When his hands started
to show violence and
leave you bruises
instead of comfort and care
When your ears started
to hear lies instead of truth.
When the tears in your eyes
are products of the pain you feel
instead of laughter and joy.
When your mind started
to ruin by doubts and worries
instead of sweet thoughts
when it’s already filled with
bad and painful memories
instead of happy and memorable ones
When your heart started
to be replete with anger and pain,
instead of happiness and love.
- when you should go Nine (via theroomofsecrethoughts)
Good morning ate nine <3 super kulit niyo po ni kuya carlo. ang sweet sweet niya sayo. Nakakatuwa na may lovelife kana hihihi ;') - Anonymous

Hello, good morning baby :) hehe sweet at makulit lang talaga siya. Pero wala pa kaming love life hahaha.

I still bang my head on the wall and scratch my face every time I will remember the stupidest and embarrassing things we did.

I love you… and I can’t wait to see you, to finally be able to feel your burning love and enveloping warmth of your embrace. I will always love you until everything inside of me worships you. I’ll be waiting until the day of saying goodbye in pain comes.

its hard to fight for what you believe in, like my religion, or my God. something like that. - Anonymous

hello. you don’t need to have an intellectual battle to anyone about God and what you believe in. What’s important is your lifestyle, your life speaks louder than what you believe in. How you live your life must be the living proof of what you believe in. People will know who is the God you serving through how you live your life.

Just like how you love your parents, you don’t need to prove to them how good your parents are by arguing or debating with them and win it. what kind of parents you have will show in your character. You are the representative of your parents, so as a representative you won’t put them in public disgrace :)

You cannot search perfection in love, you cannot give love, you cannot find true love with someone who’s capable of hurting you, you cannot supply love, when you don’t know the source of love, unless you know what is Love, unless you know who is Love. Unless you know God is love, unless you know that He is the definition of love, unless you know that what He do is the perfect example of love. Unless you know that He is the perfect source of love according for you to supply love with your partner and other people. Unless you are rooted in his love, then you’ll find true love, then you are capable of giving real love.


this feeling of ecstasy,

it blooms inside of me
knowing someone special
is waiting for me.
whenever you put your
arms over my shoulder.
the warmth of your embrace
vanishes the pain of yesterday.
can’t wait to be as close
as to inhale your scent
and call you mine.
can’t wait to look at your eyes
saying “yes, I’m yours”
can’t wait God to finally write
our own love story.


Buti nalang napagod na ko, kung hindi siguro nilulunod ko parin sarili ko sa nakaraan, sa kalungkutan. Buti nalang, buti nalang talaga, may choice ako.

I’m getting more excited to wake up each morning. Every day I wake up, there’s a smirk on my face and excitement in my heart to face the new day and the new revelation waiting upon me. It’s a new feeling after years of being drowned in painful experiences. It’s honestly a new experience to be occupied with joy and peace in my heart despite of the difficulty of the test lies in our life. It’s a comforting security to know I have a new strong foundation in my life that no matter how many storms will come, it couldn’t be shaken because it is Jesus. I’m so high!

The reason why I believe in love.

If there’s any reason why I know and why I believe in love that is not because of the perfect families and couples in my eyes. Not because of them who help hopeless people in different areas of this world. Not because of the people who act like a saint and love people as if it was unconditional. Not because of romantic movies I’ve watched and stories I’ve read. Not because of those cliche writers who write and quote about love. But most especially not because of him whom I spent the six years of my life with. Not him who gave me butterflies in my stomach, who gave words and promises to cling to. Not him whom I used to exchange I love you’s with. Not him, who kissed and hugged me countless times, he who made me feel loved for temporary times of our lives. Not him whom once the source of my happiness. Not him, who’ve been there for me when no one does. Not him whom I gave my whole heart and love for the past years of my life. Not him whom I dreamed to be with for the rest of my life. Not him whom I prayed and wished to be my lifetime partner.

Because if I were to base the meaning of love upon these people and what good and sweet things they can do to each other, I would hate the whole world and never in my life would I believe in them. If I would believe that a true definition and perfect example of love are those things and actions, love for me is a foolish. Love just creates people to be a liar and selfish ones. … But because of Him, who catch me when the person I thought my true love has left me. He who wiped my tears away those crying nights I was all by myself and no one even knows I’m breaking down. He who never stops seeking me even if I ran away and hid from him too many times. He who never leaves me even I have many times ignored him and neglected his invitation with his arms wide open saying ‘daughter, come unto me, you’re not alone, I’m here’, He whom I became deaf to hear his voice calling my name. He who always patiently waits for me, He who never gets tired to win my heart. He who first loved me, even if I have loved someone else whom I’m willing to give up my life, apart from Him, apart from his love for me.

He who gave his son to die on the cross and pay the penalty for all of my sins and be reconciled to Him as my Father. He who seeks me and found me. When I found out who God really is, and what kind of father He is for us— I found the true meaning of Love. God is love. He’s the right definition of Love, and offering his son was the perfect example of love. After knowing these things, I’ve realized, how can people love if they don’t even know what its true definition, how can I love if I don’t know what is Love. How will people do and give true love to their spouse, children, partner if their knowledge about what love is found through how the world defines it. Now that I know Him, I found reason to believe in Love. Love does exist, when God exists in your heart. That’s when you have God in your heart, you can extend true love to other people as Him inside your heart — is LOVE.

You will never be a regret of my life — everything we’ve been through, all the memories we created, even the most painful ending of our story because if there’s something I should be thankful for, it is how each lesson I got from that story has shaped me now. How God used the nightmare of our goodbye to mold me this way. Why I appreciate his love this way, why I have a great hunger in his words, why I’m too thirsty to know Him more, it is because of the story he allowed to happen in my life, even the storms, nightmares and darkest days he permitted to happen. I will just be always thankful for you, for playing a big part of my life and for letting me be part of your story too. You always have a big part in my memory.


I find it weird to actually be desperate to see someone you loved in your past, to be too thirsty to feel his love and presence, to be too excited to be back in his arms again and yet, at the same you don’t want to bring everything back into what it was before, that at the same you wish there would be someone new, you could love more than the way you loved him.

It’s difficult because of my incapabilities and weaknesses, but I want to love you forever and make no reason for you to cry. I want to be always reminded of how I can trust your love and promises. I love you, and every day I won’t forget your love. Your perfect sacrifice made enough reason for me not to turn my back away from you. I knew, I can’t find the same love you’re giving me from anyone else in this world, with you, I know there’s an infinite joy I always have as a reward.


I really hate missing people who have already forgotten me. I hate missing people who barely even notice my existence. I feel unfair!

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