No longer keep on running from the thoughts constructed by his fading existence and from the echoes of his voice, and the sound of our laughter which lingered within the dark walls surrounded me. Because at last, my soul has finally detached from the past and its haunting ghost memories. Finally, there’s no need to run, even when there’s a glimpse of yesterday, like a shadow attached to my feet, my soul is no longer crying out for him, for the Light has already redeemed me and my eyes are fixed in the light and not from my own shadow.

but loving someone is also a gift right? - Anonymous

love is something you do, not just something you give :)

whats more important time or love? - Anonymous

of course, the love! Time is just time. :) but darling, Time is the best expression of Love, this is the greatest gift you can give to someone :)

endless love,
unending mercy,
unfailing grace,
infinite joy,
transforming power,
everlasting promise,
of your eternal salvation
envelope my whole being,
I’ll never be ashamed
to proclaim how great
you’re doing in my life,
and how the best You are!


Should I start hating you? Because the unfathomable emotion forming inside me has started freaking me out without you. Should I start worrying about this? Because I can no longer convince my heart to stop feeling anything can destroy my covenant. I don’t know. It’s just, all I know is that I’m happy whenever you’re just there, and without you the waves of intense desire lashing against my heart seeking you.

People’s eyes became my favorite place to discover millions of emotions that kept hidden within those beautiful smiles and infectious laughs. Their eyes are the gateway, where I could travel to different souls and hearts, where the truth that lies beneath their skin and bones are exposed. This is where I found best actresses and actors defenseless, where the bleeding hearts could be found. A gateway that shows real emotions and naive souls, where love, pain, struggles, devotion, hope and true colors are displayed. Through people’s eyes, I found an open gate to a place where everything is true.
- I’m lost wandering within people’s eyes | Nine (via theroomofsecrethoughts)

I stopped looking
in my sadness.
I’d already looked
away from the past.
I’d already walked away
from the darkness.
Because when I turned
my two eyes on the cross,
I’ve realized it is finished!


There are times when I really want to say ‘I love you’ to every single person I would meet, and tell them that I’m just here, and offer myself whenever they need someone to talk to or any help I could do. I don’t mind if they will reject this offer, I don’t mind being rejected, it will never make me feel less or ignored, as long as I know they hear me. I may not know what they’re going through, but I believe that a simple showing of care to them will somehow make an impact in their lives. You don’t know what a simple act of telling or showing people you love them can do. You don’t know, you’re already silently touching their lives in a very simple way. I like to know what can lighten up their day. I find myself interested in what are the ways I can make them feel comfortable with me. I love people, and now that I know there’s a way not to feel lonely, abandon, or hopeless, I want to engage with them, make friends with them and show them that I care and I love them.

Kailan mo masasabi na ang isang tao ay umiibig na? - Anonymous

(been inactive for a week i guess? so sorry kung late) for me, siguro kapag willing ka na gawin lahat ng makakaya mo para mapasaya siya. You make effort para maappreciate ka niya and mapangiti mo siya. May special na joy sa heart mo everytime na napapasaya mo siya :). Kasama siya sa lagi sa prayers mo and hindi siya nawawala sa isip mo. Gusto mo siya laging makasama :). Ganon lang, kapag totoong umiibig kana, yung ‘sacrifice’ and ‘joy’ mararamdaman mong nandyan na. ;)

The best emotion you would love to dwell in you is the ineffable joy of being forgiven, it forms an incomparable ecstasy in your heart. That after the dark sins you’ve done, after living in bitterness and darkness, after you’ve been through to the painful past. That after how many years you ignored and rejected God in your life, He still loves you, and the only thing He’s asking you to do is to accept his son Jesus Christ, so that for Him — God can no longer see your past, all He can see in you is the Light you received when you accepted his Son. God doesn’t require any good works or great effort, only His son Jesus Christ alone. What a good news! And if only everyone would acknowledge the truth, there would be no crying and hopeless nights of how painful life we’re going through, no more guilt and condemnation for the former things have passed away. Joy still dwells in me, I can feel the warmth of God’s enveloping presence. I’ve been living in a world of darkness for so long, and this blog has been my reflection, but now there’s a light, because I’ve received the Light! This is the freedom I had longed for so long.

why do you think im still unmarried at this age 34? - Anonymous

omg. uhm, maybe because God knows you’re still not yet prepared for that? and he’s preparing you until you meet him/her. Maybe the right person for you is not yet in the same place with you. Maybe, maybe God has something wanted to realize for you. Or maybe God is just waiting for you to ask it from Him. I don’t know I’m just guessing, ask your God.

I should’ve realized it
when you told me
how much you love me and
want me to be your lifetime partner
yet you had problem
with proving
and staying beside me.

i have a crush on someone and i feel get jealous whenever she is with her boyfriend. :( - Anonymous

dude, its insecurity. Stop being unfair to your future girlfriend :) hehe.

It’s my Day 5 in the ‘The Purpose Driven’ by Rick Warren and this topic awakened my mind. The way you see your life shapes your life. How you define life determines your destiny. How you view life truly defines what kind of life you had and how you give importance to it. Life is a trust, let us always remind ourselves that we are trustees of God’s property. We don’t own anything in this world, the things we call our own properties, the gifts and talents we possess, even our own life, it is from God. God has entrusted all of these things to us for one purpose, and we should all use this for honoring and glorifying our God. It’s important to acknowledge our God as the owner of everything we had in our hands, and prove that we deserve the trust that God has given to us. We can show it by our faithfulness to Him, when we realize that life is also a test. Every day we are being tested by God, he constantly watches every move, every reaction, every response, every word and every thought of us - each of it is being recorded by God. So, we have to be reminded every day that in this world, there’s no break or time pause in obeying God and putting our complete trust in Him. We cannot pause for a minute and for that moment we will not mind if God is watching or if we are being tested, because like what Rick Warren said, they all have eternal implications. God wants us to pass the tests of life, and we cannot pass all the tests without trust and faith in Him. So, let us live this life with overflowing thankfulness, praises and love in our heart for our Lord God.


The next time you will fall in love
make sure you know how to swim.
and how deep you can swim.
unless you want to drown yourself

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